Did you know that life is ENERGY and INTELLIGENCE, and we create our lives with the type of energy that we choose.  
Energy includes
frequency, electricity, vibration, music, light, nutrition,
spirit, intelligence, thoughts, emotions, health
(which are somewhat synonymous but at different degrees).
We are spirit beings, energy beings, and we vibrate at whatever level 
we eat, think, believe and live at.  
You can raise your body's healing potential 
by providing correct and adequate nutrients,
to your body, your spirit and your mind. 

Are you tired of recycling old behaviors, 
eating patterns, thoughts or feelings that do not serve you?  
Do you suffer from chronic health conditions that prescriptions 
have not resolved? 
There are things that I can teach you to help you learn how to live your highest life! 
When YOU are ready for change, 
and when YOU are willing to do the work, 
call me!  
 Jacque Gurney
Certified Natural Health Professional
Holistic Healthcare Practitioner
Certified Herbalist - Custom Compounding
Holistic Nutrition Educator
Transformational Health Coach
Emotional Releasing and Thought Reprogramming using EVOX
Essential Oils Specialist - Advanced Aromatherpist Educator
Tissue Mineral Analyst - Hair Analysis
Nutritional Bio-Scans

Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays
10 am - 4 pm
Please leave a message.  It is sometimes difficult to answer phones,
but I try to get back to you as quickly as possible.  Please call
again if I do not answer you.  (I apologize for this inconvenience)
I transfer my calls while I am working with a client 
in order to better serve them.

Services include:
Nutritional Bio-Scans - using Incredible  technology!
Nutritional Stress Assessment from Hair Analysis
Emotional Balance and Re-Mapping through Voice, Tones and Music
 (includes Relationship healing, Generational emotional balancing, Thought pattern balancing/correction, Performance improvement, Anxiety reduction)
Reflexology with essential oils
Custom Herbal Formulations (powerful from fresh plants)
Essential Oils Treatments including:
Pain and Motion Correction
Emotional Healing Therapies

Owner of 
Classes and Certification Programs in Nutrition, Essential Oils and Herbs
See my Class Schedule Calendar in the TABS above 
by clicking on HEALTH TOPICS.  
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Certification Programs:
Professional Aromatherapist
Professional Herbalist
Holistic Nutrition Educator
Holistic Healthcare Practitioner!  (CHHP)

MY BLOG - www.botanicaleducation.blogspot.com 

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I use both the Zyto LSA Pro  and Evox systems which have been approved as consumer service products by the FDA.  I do not make claims of healing, I do not diagnose, but I do produce pictures of imbalances in your body and ways to help you find the best nutrients, thoughts and products that will balance you (I am unbiased and I seek only for what is best for you!)  Also, I teach you principles of health, provide tools for you to make decisions with (including a baseline graph of what your body is telling you, and provide the highest technology and methods that I am aware of to help you balance your body both physically and emotionally.